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Casino Games on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy tab is one of the most advanced gaming platforms today. The Samsung Galaxy tab is not just for gaming, but it opens a new dimension to mobile casino gaming. This device offers you the best of both worlds with nice portability compared to your laptop and a bigger screen when compared to your mobile phone.

All the top online casino sites now offer a variety of casino games for your Samsung Galaxy tab. There are plenty of games to enjoy on that smart little device of yours at All Slots Mobile. Some of the best ones are as follows.

Tomb Raider Slot is one of the best slot games in the market and you can now play them on your Samsung device. This five reel fifteen pay line and seventy five coin slot machine is a real thrill to play. The multiple paylines increase your chance to win.

Another nice game that you can try on your Samsung tab is Galaxy Tab Roulette. It may just be the normal and popular roulette game with the roulette wheel, only it is now available on your Samsung tab, giving you plenty of chances to win all round the clock. The wheels have numbers from 0 to 36 and your winnings are based on where you wheel stops spinning.

Galaxy Tab Bingo is also getting very popular. Bingo has always been one of the most interesting online games ever. Now, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you have an even better experience of playing bingo online, no matter where you are.

Casino on Samsung Galaxy

Bingo Bonanza on Samsung Galaxy Tab actually brings you the excitement of playing slots in the brilliant bingo theme. This fabulous game offers you the chance to win 20,000 times the amount you bet.

Mega Moolah is yet another game that you can play on your Samsung Galaxy Tab at All Slots Mobile. This is a safari themed slot game that brings you a mini jackpot of at least 10 credits and a mega jackpot of at least one million pounds. There wouldn’t be an easier way to become an instant millionaire. Play Mega Mooooolah at Mooooobile Games!! Click Here!!

Galaxy Tab Poker is also a brilliant game that you can play on your latest Samsung galaxy tab at Allslots. It is very popular as Jacks or Better and is available on All Slots Mobile. The objective of this card game is to complete the game with the strongest hand. Poker for smartphone here…

Samsung Galaxy is actually the first casino compatible phone that has dared to take on the monopoly of the iPad. The device has certainly appealed to a vast community of mobile casino gaming fans and is a strong competition to the iconic Apple iPad.