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Meet Me on the Steps of the Courthouse

Join us at the pre-trial rally!

Speakers will include:
Peter Tatchell
Robin Tyler
Evelyn Thomas
Rob Smith
Fred Karger
Ben Jealous
Amelia Boyington Selma
Dr. Benard Lafayette
Rev. C.T. Vivian 
Mrs. Rita Samuels
Dr. Charles Steele Jr, CEO SCLC
Joe Beasley, Rainbow Push

Appearances by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

I Am Somebody

Send in your photos to tell the world who you are.

The Ballad of Dan Choi

Meet Us At The Courthouse 
March 28th, 2013
333 Constitution Avenue NW Washington, DC

Peter Tatchell Reaches Out in Support of Lt. Dan Choi

Article written by human rights activist Peter Tatchell both in the US & UK versions of Huffington Post in support of raising awareness for Lt. Dan Choi’s trial that concludes this Thursday, March 28th @ 9am.

1 year ago

Dan Choi Goes to Trial This Week

Article by Instinct Magazine about Lt. Dan Choi’s trial. 

1 year ago

Lt. Dan Choi's Trial to Resume; 'DADT' Activist Could Get 6 Months Jail for Peaceful White House Protest

1 year ago

Lt. Dan Choi on Trial

Margaret Cho’s Huffington Post article about Lt. Choi’s trial. 

1 year ago

Dan speaking on the Adam Kokesh’s Show

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